Doors Lights etc

Keys, locks and doors

You have been given two keys, these are for the Yale lock on the front door and the euro lock on the bifold door. The Front door will lock behind you so please be careful to take keys with you. The front door has a deadlock function which will work if you insert the key and give it one complete anticlockwise turn then remove the key.


Back door and bifold doors

The back door needs the handle to lifted up before locking.

To open the bifold doors: please make sure that the deck area is clear along the length of the doors, Then open the main door and fold back until the magnetic door catch holds then rotate the two handles on the left of doors 2 and 4 so they point up.. The door pillars at R/H door 2 and 4 can then be gently pushed outwards. Slide the doors to the left.

To close slide the doors to the right pushing on the door posts under the frame. then gently pull the handles on doors 2,4 and return the handles to their original position pointing down.


Night time

If you lock the back door at night we suggest you leave the keys either in the lock or on the granite top so that in the event of a fire the door can be opened.

It is preferable to close internal doors at night to minimize fire risk.


Please bolt the side gate when out.



The exterior light outside the front door can be set to come on with the motion censor by switching the L/H  rocker up. Switching it down will bring the light on all the time.

The exterior light on the deck switch is to the left of the hob.


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