Heating and fires


The under floor heating is controlled by two thermostats, one in the living area which controls the whole of that room and one in the hall which controls the hall and wet room. It is set to come on controlled by a timeclock  set depending on the time of year.

If you would like to increase the temperature please only move the dial by one degree and wait to see if the red “calling for heat” light shows. If you put up the temp by more there is a danger that the temperature in the room will overrun and end up higher than required because of the lag caused by heating the floor.


The bedroom radiators and towel rails are all individually controlled by thermostatic valves and can be set by turning the control valve.


Wood burner

The inset wood burner in the siting room and log supply under the tv. We have provided some firelighters and suggest you use one block of lighter with 4 pieces of kindling wood placed around it and two logs placed on top. Open the air supply by pulling both the bottom vent handled out towards the room.

The fire should quickly catch light and the air supply can be reduced by pushing in the vent control knobs to reduce the rate of burn and heat output.

Do not let children operate the fire as parts are very hot.


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