The hob is an induction electric hob, to use:

Make sure it is switched on, on the wall, the switch is the left hand near the splash back.

Place your saucepan on the ring which fits best for example, small milk pan on front left. Touch the power switch with a fingertip for about one second, it is on the left hand front of the hob unit. These switches work just by touch and do not respond to being pressed or tapped.


This will bring on all 4 rings for 7 seconds but will not set power levels.

Touch the appropriate control button and the power will change to 5 followed by  a full stop. 5 is half power and the full stop indicates which ring can be controlled by the + and - buttons.

To increase the power touch and hold the plus button ( to boil water set to maximum power and turn down when boiling)

To decrease the power touch and hold the minus button

When the full stop is not lit the +- controls will not change the power level.

To change the power setting touch the appropriate control and this will light the full stop, then use the +- to adjust the heat setting.

When the heat is off the control will show H meaning it is still hot

When a pan is removed or too small or not made of the right material the control will show a u

If you wipe down the hob or place some objects an alarm beep will sound, you may prefer to switch off at the wall before wiping down.


Turn on at the wall; the switch is on the right.

Select the temperature on the right hand knob

Select the oven function on the left hand knob

They are clockwise from

0 at the top

Forced air

Conventional top and bottom heat

Dual grill

Grilling with fan

Convection bake





The cooking time can be selected using the central knob see booklet.


Dishwasher (just to the right of the sink)

Daily use

Load the machine and put detergent into compartment and close.

Open the door and press and release the on off button on the l/h side of the door top

After a couple of seconds all the lights will light up indicating the machine is in setting mode

Press “program” again and again until only the indicator you want is on.

Close the door and the program will start.

The two indicators on the right are salt and end



To the right of the dishwasher

Please leave the fridge empty clean and on for the next guests



To the right of the fridge

In the event of a long power cut if the temperature has got too high an alarm will sound.

Press the alarm reset fast freeze button on the right at the bottom



If you want to cook some food

Place the food in the oven

Select the power level by pressing the microwave button ( 3rd down on left hand side) one or more times

Select the cooking time by turning the dial knob as required

Press the Start/+30s button

The cooking will start and beep 4 times when over

If you want to auto defrost some food

Place the food in the oven

Select the type of food by pressing the Power defrost button (second one down on left hand side)one or more times by referring to manual (or select power level of 180 for defrost)

Press the Start/+30s button

If you want to add an extra 30 sec then pr    

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